SESDERMA : a great find

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a while but I have been busy testing lots of stuff for you all. A few months ago I read an article about a Spanish skincare brand called SESDERMA which I had never heard of and the reviews on its products were pretty impressive. I then phoned a friend of mine who lives in Madrid and asked him to purchase a few of the brand items ( not knowing i could have easily got them on Amazon). To cut a long story short , I tried the products and fell in love with them so I am going to share some of said items with you.

First of all their hero product: AZELAC RU liposomal serum:

A powerful combination of azelaic acid, retinol, vitamin c and niacinamide. This is your go to serum for pigmentation, irregularities, scarring , discolouration and uneven skin tone . It has a lightweight texture and it is perfect for all skintypes . You can purchase it here

But bear in mind you can usually find it cheaper on Amazon 🙂

The second product I really love is their retinol serum called RETI AGE. Anti aging serum.

What makes this serum interesting and quite amazing is the inclusion of three different forms of retinol : retinol, retinaldehyde and retinyl palmitate. You also have a good dose of hyaluronic acid for hydration, peptides, vitamin c and growth factors.The interesting ingredient here is retinaldehyde, which is a newer form of retinol which can be converted by skin in retinoids acid quicker than standard retinol.I have used this now for a few months, I did experience some drying and flakiness in the beginning so I first limited application to three days a week. You can buy it here

I am still testing some of their products so I will be posting a second part soon.Let me know if you like this brand or if you have ever tried it.



Sunday Riley C.E.O moisturiser

Hi lovelies,

I have been m.i.a. for a while now, testing products,supplements and overall trying new things out.Today I want to talk about this gem of a moisturiser that will benefit most but especially all of you out there with drier skin types: C.E.O moisturiser by Sunday Riley.


A rich and nourishing moisturiser with a whipped texture that envelops the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated,supple and radiant.


Squalane: highly effective emollient and natural antioxidant

Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate : a fat soluble form of Vitamin c .
Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate is more stable than other vitamin C preparations, and is lipid-soluble, which allows it to reach the dermis of the skin where it can stimulate collagen production. Great for collagen synthesis, pigmentation and overall luminosity. The concentration is 5%.

Lime pearl extract : natural A.H.A. provides gentle exfoliation.


Am and Pm after toner and serum. Always follow with SPF ( mineral preferably) in the daytime.


I am now on my 4th jar of this moisturiser and I love how it leaves my skin feeling plump and looking dewy . I use it as a base for makeup with no problems at all. In terms of efficacy when it comes to pigmentation I do pair this with either a retinol serum or a stronger A.H.A at nighttime. I did not experience any breakouts from this cream, despite it being quite heavy.

It retails for £60 and the company have now ditched the plastic container and introduced a more Eco friendly glass one. You can get it here

That’s all for now , let me know what you guys think of this product in the comment section.



Bulletproof coffee: how to

Hi peeps,

hope everyone is well and doing amazingly.

If you follow a ketogenic diet you might be familiar with bulletproof coffee but if you are not here is a quick reminder:

bulletproof coffee is a blend of coffee , mct oil and butter

WHAT IS MCT OIL: Getty Image

A kind of ‘natural fuel’ for the body and brain, MCT oil is a great source of healthy fats that can help improve sports performance, cognitive ability, weight management, gut and heart health.

MCTs or medium chain triglycerides are a type of dietary fat most commonly found in coconut and palm oils. They are rarer and notably different in their chemical makeup in that they contain between six and 12 carbon chains, compared to the long chain triglycerides (LCTs) containing more than 12 carbon chains found in most other dietary fats. For this reason, MCTs are more effectively absorbed and utilised to provide immediate energy instead of being stored as fat in the body. 

It is great consumed instead of breakfast , it fills you up,energises you and help your ketosis.

Here is I how I make it:

Everyday makeup ( in a rush)

Hello lovelies,

I hope all is good with you, I just uploaded a 5 min video where I share how I prep my skin if I am short of time or not feeling my best (hangover).

The products used in order are

Sunday Riley CEO moisturiser

Trinny London BFF in light/medium

L’Oréal Infallible Foundation 204



Cleansers: my top 3

Hello skincare junkies ,

I hope 2019 is treating you well……The other day, while cleaning my bathroom, I realised I have so many cleansers and I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you my top 3 favourite ones.

Cleansing is such a pivotal step in my skincare routine and this is one of the reasons I always advocate double cleansing.

I like to use a variety of textures from gel to balm (milk too) and I normally pair them with my beloved Foreo.

If you were makeup daily , double cleansing is a must as the first cleanse will remove make up and second cleanse will get rid of dirt ,pollution and such. Depending on your skin type you can use different cleansers but bear in mind that I believe that most skin types can use balm cleansers as long as mineral oil free. A little note on foaming cleaners : sulphates tend to dry out and disrupt the lipid barrier, so you won’t find any in my bathroom and I have a hard time recommending them to anyone .

For my first cleanse (make up removing ) I switch between Darphin aromatic cleansing balm 

And the Biologique Recharche Lait Vip O2

I discussed and explained my love for Darphin cleansing balm already here

As for the Lait VIP O2 , this is a beautifully silky milk that gently removes makeup and brightens and oxygenates the skin thanks to oligopeptides and vitamin A, E and F. The sale representative that sold me this product told me to leave it for a few minutes on the skin before rinsing it off. This leaves my skin feeling refreshed ,smooth and supple. Only downside ? The price : £55.

As far as my second cleanse is concerned my go to product is CeraVe Hydrating cleanser

This is an extremely gentle yet effective cleanser more suited for dry and dehydrated skin. The ceramides in it help to keep the lipid barrier intact and your skin never feels tight after using it . It’s around £9 for 236ml which makes it pretty reasonably priced .

So this concludes my three favourite cleansers , I hope you enjoyed the post and please feel free to comment down below and share your thoughts .

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My favourite cookbooks

Hello beautiful people,

If you have been following me for a while you would probably know I am sticking to a etogenic lifestyle and a no sugar approach hence my love for cookbooks. I do not own a lot of cookbooks but I want to share with you the few I find myself using all the time.

The first few books are from author Sarah Wilson which has been greatly influential to me when I decided to quit sugar a couple of years ago . She also published a book about anxiety but I won’t go into that now

The I quit sugar cookbooks are a great introduction for people willing to start giving the white stuff a miss and are loaded with tips, info, research and easy recipes. They do no contain overcomplicated ingredients or lengthy recipes, that is what I love about them. You will also find that one of the staples in Sarah’s cooking ( mine too) is a slow cooker. They are darn cheap, last forever, energy efficient and a great way to prepare family meals without a lot of fuss. You can find them here

She also released recently a book called Simplicious flow which is a massive book about making your kitchen perpetual: in other words learning to waste less by reusing what you already have. This is such a great book filled with tricks,recipes and ideas to make healthy meals and being environmentally conscious at the same time. The book is not out in the U.K. yet but I ordered mine here

If you are intrigued by the Ketogenic diet but do not know where to start I suggest the PK cookbook by GP Sarah Myhill: she is an actual doctor who has been researching chronic fatigue for many years and an advocate of the ketogenic diet. This is not your typical cookbook full of nice pictures but rather an informative introduction to the ketogenic diet ( she doe not advocate consuming milk hence the PK diet which is a mix of Paleo and Keto)full of little tips and it also includes a one-week meal plan with a shopping list to get you started. You can buy it here

These are my go to cookbooks : it is thanks to the i quit sugar and Simplicious flow books that i got so much more into cooking from scratch and using my slow cooker. I learnt how to cook and freeze and prep for the week ahead with minimal effort.The PK cookbook gave me confidence in starting my ketogenic journey especially using the meal plan provided.

I hope you find some of these recommendations helpful and may health be with you all.



Gen.Peel microexfoliating cream

Happy new year my lovelies,

2019 is truly here and i had to share with you something new, at least new to me. I found this little gem of a cream during the sale in Harrods where it was reduced from £96 to £24.50 and who does not love a bargain?

Honestly I had never heard of this product before and all the info i could find was in Spanish as the brand is such but after some digging and after trying it now for three weeks I am ready to report.


an exfoliating cream suitable for sensitive skin that is aimed at reducing pigmentation,wrinkles,pore size and the usual stuff.


Gluconolactone : is a natural substance that can often be found in creams and serums. Gluconolactone, a polyhydroxy acid (PHA), offers all the benefits of AHAs but it is gentle to the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin.

It also possesses antioxidant properties making it a great addition to your skincare routine.

Peelmoist : papain and HFN to provide gente efxoliation and intense hydration.


You can use this lightweight cream in two different ways:

1- as a shock treatmeant (which is what i am doing) apply it nightly for 30 days and then a couple of times a week,

2- as a weekly efxfoliating treatment two to three times a week.

Apply at night and wash off in the morning.


Three weeks in this is what i am happy to share with you:

1- the cream is very lightweight and I apply every night on face and neck. I follow with my own moisturiser (c.e.o. by Sunday Riley) to prevent dryness.

2 – I have only experienced very mild peeling as a side effect from this treatment.

3- three weeks in my skin looks just overall fresher, I cannot really pintpoint what exactly it is but even collegues and friends have complemented my somehow rested appearance (especially after a 2 week flu spell)

4 – I would have not paid £96, for that price there are better and more effective exfoliating treatments out there but for £24.5 was a good steal.

If you can still find it around I would advise to try one, let me know what you guys think in the comment section.