SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence SPF30

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The sun is out in London and you know what that means : time to step up the sunscreen game especially if you are,like me, using tretinoin almost every night.

In all my years working in the beauty industry I tried a million different chemical and mineral sunscreen and my preference is for mineral sunscreens  here is why : chemical sunscreens using oxybenzone or avobenzone etc absorb uva and uvb rays creating a chemical reaction that dissipates the heat off the skin, while mineral using titanium oxide or zinc etc reflect rays off the skin like a mirror without allowing any absorption. With that in mind, chemical sunscreens have the advantage of being much lighter in texture and they don’t usually leave any chalky residue on the skin  whereas mineral sunscreens tend to have a thicker texture and can leave a blueish tint on the skin. So I tested several mineral sunscreens and the one I chose for me is the Skin Pep Hydra Sun Defence spf 30.

This chemical sunscreen can be used alone as a daily moisturiser for normal to combo skin or layered on top of your favorite hydrator for drier types such as myself..

Why did I choose this? Well, first of all the texture is heavenly,hydrating and it leave a sheer universal tint on the skin that just looks like your own skin but better  but most importantly the ingredients list is fantastic :

On top of titanium and zinc for uva and uvb protection you will find antioxidants like grape seed extract and green tea extract plus vitamin e and ferulic acid and adenosine, making this spf a great choice for everyone

The price point is also pretty good, it retails for £17.49 for 70ml and it spreads very easily and works great under makeup with no rolling or rubbing  I. Use it around my eyes too with no problems. The SkinPep website allows you to order sample sizes too so you can try the products before you commit to a full size.

Let me know what you guys think, or what is your favorite Spf.

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Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie serum



hello peeps,

I have started Tretinoin 0.025 percent a few weeks ago ( retinoic acid) and I have been experiencing all the side effects: peeling, redness, sensitivity.So, to combat all of the aforementioned, I went back to an all-time favorite of mine, the true and trusted Rose de Vie serum by Dr. Sebagh.

First of all the name is a little deceiving as this is not a usual serum but rather a dry oil suitable for all skin types but especially beneficial for combo, dry and sensitive.It contains an array of antioxidants and vitamins thanks to the high amounts of organic rosehip oil, rose oil and wheat germ oil it contains plus an anti-redness complex.

As I said the texture is the one of a dry oil, it sinks in quite quickly into the skin but will undoubtedly leave a little sheen behind, which I personally love, but that my oily peeps might not appreciate.I have never broken out from this even now that I am pretty much bathing in it.I sometimes mix a drop or two with my foundation to give it that extra dewiness.

I find it extremely beneficial when used after A.H.A or any other exfoliants, after peels or laser treatments too, thanks to its soothing properties.

Oils are something I always incorporate into my skincare regime and this is one of the ones I love most: it does not come cheap as it retails for £129 but I find that a little goes a long way and normally a bottle lasts me about 4 months.( if you are strapped for cash and want to try a cheaper alternative I can recommend The Ordinary 100percentt cold pressed marula oil which retails for around 9 quid).

I am not a huge fan of fragrant oils though, as they usually broke me out ( decleor, for example, does break me out badly) but Rose de Vie is heavenly and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of extra hydration, extra nourishment, and extra dewiness.

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Regaine for Men (minoxidil 5%): does it work?




Hello everyone!

Hair is something we all feel very attached to but unfortunately for many as we grow older we tend to either lose it or we experience thinning, breakage and so on.

I am a 36yo male and about 5 years ago I noticed the hair at my temples and by my crown area was getting sparser and sparser so I immediately tried to research what I could do to help prevent any further hair loss. Minoxidil kept popping up online and when chatting to friends so I dug a little deeper.

Minoxidil is a drug that used to be administrated to treat high blood pressure, but it is now the only FDA approved drug for the treatment of hair loss.It works by prolonging the growth phase of the hair follicles. Men have usually advised the 5% strength while women the 2% one.

It comes in a lotion that you can apply in the affected area, but the company Regaine offers also a foam version. Bare in mind Regaine is just the branded name for Minoxidil and you can purchase generic minoxidil at a cheaper price.Having said that I have only used Regaine over the past few years so my review reflects that.

When I purchased my first bottle of Regaine I was shocked at the long list of side effects listed: weight gain, troubles breathing, dizziness, pains in arms, swelling and so on. I decided to give it a try regardless, aware of that fact that during the first month you could lose even more hair as the drugs work by pushing out unhealthy follicles.

And men it did: I applied the spray twice a day, 12 hours apart, and during the first couple of weeks I noticed, during every shower, that I was losing lots of hair and my kind of freaked out but I stuck with it and I am glad I did.

By week 4 the hair shedding kind of stopped but I still did not notice any new hair growing until around week 8 and from then it has been a great success. Not only I did not lose any more hair but I finally noticed baby hair growing both in temples and crown area.

Another thing I noticed is that my hair was getting a little darker ( a few colleagues asked If I had dyed my hair!). After the first 6 months, I was so pleasantly surprised and not having any side effects that I decided to keep using it. Now a few years in I still have all my hair and no more receding hairline.

One drawback is that if you stop the treatment, within a month or two you will start losing your hair again so this is something that needs to be part of your daily routine.

I know there is also a pill called Propecia that GPs in the U.K. give for hair loss but I haven’t researched that much so I can’t give you my personal opinion.

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Morning routine

Hello people,

I have been busy trying new potions and lotions but I can quickly share with you what I am currently using as part of my skincare routine and I am loving. Just hop to my instagram account and have a look. Some of the products shown I have already reviewed and some are in the pipeline 🙂