my tretinoin and retinol journey : UPDATE


Hello beautiful people,

I have been absent for a minute as I was testing different ways to use tretinoin and retinol in combination and also because I have embarked on a new approach to my diet (a.k.a ketogenic diet) to tackle my chronic fatigue issues, which I will review soon.

Last time we spoke about retinol and tretinoin I told you I was switching almost completely to Paula’s choice 1 per cent retinol as the tretinoin was really irritating me and also making me break out like crazy. Well, a few things have changed since then: I really wanted to find a way to be able to use tretinoin for its amazing antiaging benefits and I can say that after a month I can now pretty much use tretinoin 0.5 pretty much nightly and this is what I did:

1 -after reacting badly to just using tretinoin two times a week I decided to completely stop it and started using Paula’s 1 per cent retinol nightly, every night for two weeks

2- a the end of the second-week od continued use of retinol I started to alternete tretinoin three times a week at night and kept using retinol the remaining nights.

3-during week 4 I started to use retinol one night and tretinoin the following for the whole week.

4- week 5 I used tretinon 5 nights a week and retinol 2 nights a week

5 -week 6 I diced retinol and switched completely to tretinoin 6 days a week

6- I will keep using tretinoin 6 nights a week and I will reserve the 7th night for my intensive peeling treatments(lactic/azelaic/glycolic

A few words of advice: 

Paula’s choice 1 per cent retinol is still an amazing product and very effective and people with sensitive skin might prefer this to tretinoin. Also, bear in mind,if you have never used it, you might still have to gradually build u tolerance

I get my tretinoin in the UK from

I am in no way sponsored by them, it’s just the most convenient way for me to get tretinoin here in the UK.

After 30 mins of tretinoin application, I slather on a really hydrating moisturiser( bobby brown balm usually )

I always pay attention not to go to close to the eye area or the corner of the nose to avoid peeling in those sensitive areas

finally, SPF 30 or greater is a must, DAILY!

I am in the process of filming a video about it all so you can also see the results on my face 🙂

Happy tretinoin !!