SESDERMA : a great find

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a while but I have been busy testing lots of stuff for you all. A few months ago I read an article about a Spanish skincare brand called SESDERMA which I had never heard of and the reviews on its products were pretty impressive. I then phoned a friend of mine who lives in Madrid and asked him to purchase a few of the brand items ( not knowing i could have easily got them on Amazon). To cut a long story short , I tried the products and fell in love with them so I am going to share some of said items with you.

First of all their hero product: AZELAC RU liposomal serum:

A powerful combination of azelaic acid, retinol, vitamin c and niacinamide. This is your go to serum for pigmentation, irregularities, scarring , discolouration and uneven skin tone . It has a lightweight texture and it is perfect for all skintypes . You can purchase it here

But bear in mind you can usually find it cheaper on Amazon 🙂

The second product I really love is their retinol serum called RETI AGE. Anti aging serum.

What makes this serum interesting and quite amazing is the inclusion of three different forms of retinol : retinol, retinaldehyde and retinyl palmitate. You also have a good dose of hyaluronic acid for hydration, peptides, vitamin c and growth factors.The interesting ingredient here is retinaldehyde, which is a newer form of retinol which can be converted by skin in retinoids acid quicker than standard retinol.I have used this now for a few months, I did experience some drying and flakiness in the beginning so I first limited application to three days a week. You can buy it here

I am still testing some of their products so I will be posting a second part soon.Let me know if you like this brand or if you have ever tried it.