Bourjois 10 hour sleep foundation

Hello lovelies,

yes, I know, this foundation was discountinued ages ago but I managed to grab a few bottles on eBay for 7 quid and since this has always been one of my holy grail foundations I thought I would share a few things about it.   

First of all I think this foundation was replaced by Bourjois with the Healthy mix foundation , which I kind of like but isn’t as nice or as illuminating as the 10 hour sleep one. Also I loooove the smell of this foundation …..

The foundation itself is oil free but I don’t think it will suit oily /combo skin as it tends to set to a dewy finish. If you have normal/dry to very dry skin t should work for you.

It offers light coverage and has a very runny consistency which makes it a dream to blend.The color choice, being a discontinued item, are very limited . I use color 74 wich is a warmish tone for light olive skin.

If you want to give it a try for 7 quid I do think it is a great product for everyday or as a tinted moisturiser replacement.

Let me know what you think.



Just a quick one

Hello my lovelies ,

I am currently working on a second video about anxiety and psychotropic medications , but in the meantime I started using Drunk Elephant and I also managed to get my hands on Sunday Riley Good Genes from the states ( the U.K. version has been reformulated and swapped lactic for glycolic….more to come).I will be reviewing these products asap so stick with me.

lots of love,


Being honest

Hello my skincare junkies ,

I am just back from a few days in the Algarve and while sunbathing I had a little time to reflect and to ponder: Instagram,social media in general and the beauty community are guilty of promoting images that are not real ,unachievable. In the pursuit of these elusive standards of beauty we, myself included ,often times lose track of what is real and important. Filters, photoshop, editing and so on create an illusion which is just that : an illusion. It’s fine as long as we understand that and we don’t take it too seriously , but when we start comparing ourselves then it is a losing battle as there is no way we can compete with computer generated images and we SHOULDN’T.

I am extremely passionate about beauty ,about skincare and I believe beautiful skin can make us feel amazing and empowered but I also believe and accept that we all have different ideas of what beautiful is,and that’s fine .I am going to post a picture I took this arvo,  no make up ,no Instagram filters, no beauty filter on my camera just a straight shot .I have flaws and the first step towards really loving yourself is embracing who you are for who you are. I don’t want anyone ever feeling insecure or sad about their looks ,but rather happy with themselves and open to the possibility of learning new trick to ENHANCE! Skincare can be a great tool for that . Rant over . Let me know your thoughts in the comments box .

Love ,


Retinol trio

Just a quick one my lovelies :

My current retinol regimen includes these fantastic products. Let me know what you think.



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Quick update on retinol : These are my three favourite retinol products 1 0.5 percent tretinoin (the strongest but also the most likely to give you adverse reactions so build up slowly) 2 @paulaschoiceuk 1 percent retinol plus vitamin c ( this is still one of the best non prescription retinols out there) 3 @sundayriley Luna uses a retinoid Esther to mimic affects of stronger retinol. Probably the mildest of the three but when used at night, give your skin a gorgeous glow by morning. Plus it's packed full of antioxidants #retinol #tretinoin #retinoid #luna #Smoothing #Antiaging #skincare #nighttime #regimen #routine #skincarejunkie #addictedtobeauty #blogger #alexinwonderland #37yearsyoung #bbloggers #bbloggersuk #bbloggersaus #travelblogger #powerhouse #mix #passion #goforit #linesbegone #sundayriley #paulaschoice

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Sunday Riley juno hydroactive cellular face oil

Dear skincare junkies,

it’s been a while since my last post as I have been busy with other projects but here I am bringing you one of my favourite face oils: Juno by Sunday Riley.

Despite the mouthful that the name is, this is seriously good stuff especially for dry, dehydrated and sentistive skin and since winter is fast approaching this side of the globe I thought I’d share it with you.

WHAT IS IT  well the promise of it being a dry oil is a tad misleading as this is an oil, nothing dry about it.If you can get past that you will love its nourishing, soothing and plumping properties.

WHATS IN IT  a fantastic cocktail of cold pressed oil rich in antioxidant and omegas: blackberry, blueberry, cranberry,raspberry oil plus carrot oil, black cumin oil and broccoli oil.  Pretty much a cooking oil 🙂 Jokes aside all these oil have good research behind them in terms of antioxidant properties.

HOW TO USE IT  as I mentioned earlier, I don’t find this oil to absorb as quickly as advertised so I mostly tend to use it at night unless I have overdone it with retinol the night before and my morning skin needs extra hydration.I like to take 4 drops, warm them up in my palm and massage them all over face and neck.

WHO IS IT FOR  anyone with dry skin, dehydrated skin, lucklustre skin. not particurarly suited for oily or blemish prone skin ( they offer another oil for that called Martian which I have not tried, yet).

PRICE £54 FOR 30ml ( some stores offer a 15ml too for £27)

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE  there is absolutely nothing I dislike about this product(maybe the scent is not the most alluring).It cocoons your skin in moisture, gives you a beautiful dewy finish while delivering lots of antioxidants.Love ,Lov e and Love.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below,



Erno Laszlo dual phase vitamin C peel

Hello my beuties,

it’s been a minute but I have been busy testing lots of stuff so please forgive me.If you follow me  you probably know I am a big fan of both Vitamin C and chemical peels so I could not NOT try this product.

Erno Laszlo is an iconic brand ,his founder responsible for customising Marylin Monroe ‘s routine !His brand is mostly known for the three step cleansing system they provide: cleansing oil, cleansing bar and toning solution.

This product is a physical scrub and a chemical peel two in one and it retails for 85 pounds( in the U.K. it is exclusive to harrods).

WHAT IS IT : a dual phase scrub and peel. the physical scrub helps to shed away dead skin cells and has a smoothing action. The lactic acid peel helps to reveal brighter and more luminous complexion.The inclusion of carrot seed oil  and vitamin c really boost the performance of this product.

WHO IS IT FOR : anyone with dull,lackluster skin even sensitive skin. It is a pretty mild yet affective peel, great also for anyone struggling with pigmentation or acne scarring.Great pre party !!

HOW TO USE IT:  scoop out a little bit of phase 1 scrub and massage it for two minutes on cleansed , slighltly damp skin ( I used it on dry skin , but I am a rebel).after two minutes, without rinsing the scrub off,apply a few drops of the lactic acid solution and massage for a further two minutes then rinse.

MY EXPERIENCE : I am in love!! This product really does make your skin glow .I did not experience any redness or inflammation like I did with some other peels or scrubs.I did apply the scrub onto dry skin for a stronger physical exfliation.Right after the peel my skin felt smoother,my pores appeared smaller and overall my skin had a glow.I followed with my tried and tested Bobbi Brown extra balm to replenish the skin.

Hope you enjoyed this review and please do comment in the comments section and follow me on and on instagram alexinwonderland81



My go-to keto breakfast

Hello my lovelies ,

breakfast is such a controversial topic: some people fast , some people have a big one ,some people skip it .

For me, personally, breakfast is a necessity and I need a good filling one. On my keto diet, it can be easy to overdo it with the usual bacon, eggs and avo, this is why I made a quick video to show you an alternative.

I hope you enjoy it and please leave comments and ideas in the comment box 



To Keto or not to Keto?

Hello my lovelies,

Today’s post is about the infamous ketogenic diet and my first two months on this woe(way of eating, it took me a while to figure out what woe meant).

I am 5’11” for 63kg so it’s clear I did not embark on this journey to lose weight( which is primarily what most people do it for): ketogenic diet can be very beneficial for other issues such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, epilepsy, diabetes and so on. Chronic fatigue affects many people and is thankfully becoming less of a taboo. I first read Sarah Myhill book ‘ Diagnosis and treatment of chronic fatigue’

I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with chronic fatigue as it really explains how this disease works and what you can do to better yourself while living with it. To make the story short Dr Sarah Myhill advise all of her patients to embark on a Paleo Keto diet as the first treatment of chronic fatigue.Hence my decision to give it a try.

The ketogenic diet is a low car high-fat diet where ideally 75 per cent of your calories comes from fat, around 20 per cent from protein and the remaining 5 per cent from carbs. It is meant to be an anti-inflammatory diet that enables you to move from glucose to fat as your main energy source. The aim is to reach a state of ketosis where every cell in your body is eventually using fat for energy. This state of ketosis will help you lose weight, feel more alert, improve concentration, increase your libido and much more.Or so they claim. A good read, if you decide keto is for you, is this great and cheap book which I love:

The ketogenic diet consists mostly of meat, fish, non-starchy vegetables, olive and coconut oil, dairy( which dr Sarah Myhill is against and that is why she named her regimen Keto Paleo diet) to name a few. Out are grains, legumes, most high fructose fruits, starchy veggies such as potatoes and root vegetables, SUGAR, and any high carb food. It is, for this purpose, advisable to use a macronutrients tracker when embarking on this diet as you are required to keep your net carbs intake below 20/25 grs a day.  The app I use is Carb Manager , which works out your macros for you.

Some people,especially if they have been living on high carb diets for long, find it easier to transition slowly into this diet; I, on the other hand, went full out and started immediately on 20gr of carbs a day 8 weeks ago.

A little side note is that while on a ketogenic diet you will excrete a lot of sodium from your body and that means your electrolytes will be out of balance.It is therefore VERY IMPORTANT  to consume higher amounts of salt and potassium than normal and magnesium too. I normally put a tablespoon of Himalayan pink salt on my 2lt water bottle and one teaspoon of potassium chloride and drink it throughout the day.P lease do not underestimate this step as if you do you will most likely suffer the so-called keto flu: headaches, nausea, muscle cramps and other very uncomfortable side effects. Keep your water intake at at least 3lt a day.

Now my experience:

Week 1 and 2: I was prepared, I researched ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks. My breakfast would look like avocado,two fried eggs and two slices of nitrate free bacon. Lunch would be salmon with olives and feta cheese,dinner steak with asparagus and cheese. Snack for me would be some nuts( macadamia) and one or two squares of 85 percent dark chocolate(this is not strictly keto and not advisable if you are a sugar addict,but works for me). I did not feel particularly hungry but I did experience some headaches and during the really hot weather spell in London, I actually fainted on the tube because I was not taking my electrolytes!! I used keto sticks to check the ketones in my pee to make sure I was entering Ketosis. You can purchase them cheaply on Amazon.I entered ketosis on day 3 .

Week 3 and 4: I upped my game and decided to become more inventive with food to avoid boredom and to remain enthusiastic: almond muffins with mascarpone, chia puddings for breakfast, bacon and egg muffins and so on. I also learned Erythritol is the best sweetener on this woe, it is safe on teeth, does not cause digestive issues, great for diabetics, does not spike insulin and measure cup for cup like sugar. Its carb content can be dismissed when macro tracking. A couple of days I did not come to work prepared and ended up being unable to find anything suitable to eat and starved until I got home, which was awful. Prepping is key!!

Week 5 and 6 : my ketosticks started showing no traces of ketones so I thought I had somehow eaten something I should not have but after chatting to a few people on facebook keto groups I realised that after a few weeks your body start utilising those ketones instead of flushing them out so if you want a reading of them you need a blood monitor. So I purchased on amazon for around 20 quid but the strips you need to use to measure ketones are crazy expensive, roughly one each. Anyhow my measurement was 1.2( anything between 0.5 to 3.5 is considered the ideal range)and was happy about it.M y ibs seemed to have settled but my energy had not yet improved. I had lost at this point around 3kg. You can have some white spirits while on keto but be careful that you will get drunk very easily.I had one glass of white wine and I was smashed.

Week 7 and 8: I started to snack less and feel less hungry in between meals which is a sign of fat adaptation. My energy started to improve a little but, maybe it’s TMY I entered constipation land.I then upped my fibre intake via chia seeds and a supplement with aloe vera to try and balance things out.I decided to switch to decaff coffee as caffeine was making me very jittery and I purchased MCT oil (guess where? Yes amazon again) which I  pour into my decaff as it boosts ketones production and helps with energy levels. So far so good.No more weight loss for me as I was careful to add lots of fats on my plates and keep an eye on calories to make sure I was not fading away. Started adding double cream or butter to decaff coffee too.

So this is where I am at 8  weeks in, I am not craving bread, pasta, fruit or sugar at this point. My body has started to change, feels and looks more defined even though I have been slacking at the gym. I am enjoying learning new recipes and experimenting. A slow cooker can be your friends on this diet/lifestyle to save you time and money. At nighttime, I take a magnesium supplement which really helps me relax and sleep better called Natural Calm. Constipation has not completely eased off but I am working on it.

If you have started this journey or are thinking about it and have questions please do comment below and I will try to respond to the best of my abilities.This is my experience,my journey and so far I am loving Keto.

I attached a few pictures of the foods I have been enjoying so you can see that keto is not just bacon and steaks.

Love ,