Being honest

Hello my skincare junkies ,

I am just back from a few days in the Algarve and while sunbathing I had a little time to reflect and to ponder: Instagram,social media in general and the beauty community are guilty of promoting images that are not real ,unachievable. In the pursuit of these elusive standards of beauty we, myself included ,often times lose track of what is real and important. Filters, photoshop, editing and so on create an illusion which is just that : an illusion. It’s fine as long as we understand that and we don’t take it too seriously , but when we start comparing ourselves then it is a losing battle as there is no way we can compete with computer generated images and we SHOULDN’T.

I am extremely passionate about beauty ,about skincare and I believe beautiful skin can make us feel amazing and empowered but I also believe and accept that we all have different ideas of what beautiful is,and that’s fine .I am going to post a picture I took this arvo,  no make up ,no Instagram filters, no beauty filter on my camera just a straight shot .I have flaws and the first step towards really loving yourself is embracing who you are for who you are. I don’t want anyone ever feeling insecure or sad about their looks ,but rather happy with themselves and open to the possibility of learning new trick to ENHANCE! Skincare can be a great tool for that . Rant over . Let me know your thoughts in the comments box .

Love ,


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