Cold sores and L-Lysine : an effective remedy?

Hello people,

the sky is gray, it’s cold outside and my lips are covered in cold sores: Yuck!

I have been having them several times a year since I was a kid and I have always felt very self-conscious of them. I tried patches, Zovirax,I tried not using anything and the result has always been the same: it would take about 10/12 days for them to completely go.

While browsing the internet a few months ago (during an outbreak) I came across an article suggesting the amino acid L-Lysine was very effective at preventing and reducing the healing time of cold sores.Within two minutes I had already placed an order on Amazon for next day delivery.I spent the rest of the day reading more about this amino acid and the alleged dosage to take and this is what I found:

For prevention 1000mg a day every day in individuals prone to several outbreaks a year

For treating an outbreak: up to 4000mg a day.

Well, let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. I am no doctor, so  I cannot give you the medical reason why, but this treatment does work!

I felt a tingling in my lips two days ago(fellow cold sores sufferers know what I am talking about)so straight away I popped 4000mg of Lysine and same the next day.It’s day three and my cold sore has already scabbed and it’s dried out,reducing notably the healing time.I am impressed.

I will link the brand I bought, a very cheap one to be honest as I was not sure it would work or not.Let me know if you have any other advice or effective treatments.Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel as well(link in my homepage).



2 thoughts on “Cold sores and L-Lysine : an effective remedy?”

  1. I shall be buying this for my boyfriend…he gets them when hes stressed…great bit of advice. Hope it ll work for him too!

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