Foreo Luna 2 cleansing device

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as you should know by now, I have a thing for skincare gadgets and beauty devices, so I thought I ‘d share my latest obsession: Foreo Luna 2.

Foreo is a Swedish brand launched in 2013 that has been experiencing incredible growth and success with their products. Their cleansing brushes made of medical grade silicone and emitting the T-sonic pulsations are their best-known product.Obviously, i had to try it, after reading so many rave reviews and watching youtube videos.I ordered mine on where there was a 20 percent off(who doesn’t like discounts) and paid £135 for a set which includes Luna 2, Luna play ( a tiny travel version of the original brush) and a set of two cleansers for day and night.What intrigued me was the fact that silicon grade material means never changing brush head( unlike Clarisonic) and the T-sonic pulsations which are supposed to lift and remove way more makeup, dirt and oil leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.Also to notice the Luna 2 has an ‘ anti-aging mode’ if you use the back side of the brush it emits lower pulsations and is designed to gently revitalize the skin( personally I thin the antiaging claim is a little far-fetched).

So let’s get to it: out of the box the brush looks like a thing of beauty, the silicon bristle are very soft, one charge lasts for six months use. I straight away applied the cleanser that came with it on my face, on top of my makeup, I wet the brush under the sink and I turned it on(you can choose between 12 different speeds).You then glide over your skin in circular motions, the brush beeps every 15 seconds to remind you to move area but I did not pay much attention to it as I find 15 seconds is not enough.Once you have gone over your entire face you just rinse it with lukewarm water and BOOM: you face is clean and super fresh feeling.As a test, I took a cotton pad to see if there was any makeup residue but there was none, which was fantastic.I then turned the brush on the other side to try the antiaging mode: it gently vibrates and you are supposed to press it against crow’s feet area, forehead, and nasolabial folds.Not sure how this works but at least it felt nice.

I can see myself loving this little cute device more and more as it is gentle enough for daily use and in around 2 minutes does a perfect job of removing makeup, gently exfoliating skin and prepping it for your potions and lotions.The Luna2 retails for around £169, which I know is not cheap, but you will never have to change heads and comes with a 2-year warranty.Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with Clarisonic in the past as it really irritated my skin and made me look worse rather than better so I was hesitant with this but I can guarantee it is AMAZING.They also make a smaller version the Luna Mini which is a little cheaper but I personally prefer a bigger one to go over my whole face.As a guy I also find the Luna 2 to be great at prepping my skin for shaving and reducing razor bumps.

So if you are looking to step up your cleansing game I highly recommend this brush, you can use whatever cleanser you like (balm, oil, gel, foaming etc) and every time it will give you great results and a super smooth and fresh skin.

You can get one here

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