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Hello beautiful people,

I hope everyone is feeling amazing. I wanted to briefly dip into the controversial topic of supplements today. First of all, as a disclaimer, I am no doctor so these are my personal views based on my personal experience: what works for me might not work for you.Another little piece of information: I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and IBS so the supplements I am taking today are in part linked to these two issues.

The world is supplements is a very confusing and, at times, scary one, you can find supplements that promise to banish wrinkles, to make your hair grow, to give you the eyes of a tiger and to let you become a porn star for a night. I have in the past fallen into that trap and started taking dozens of pills in the hope of magically curing both my anxiety and IBS and to also give me supermodel skin.That did not quite work out for me so I started to educate myself a bit more and decided that more does not equate better and that diet is the most important step. These are the supplements I am currently  taking that I feel confident in recommending to you:

1- Whole food state multivitamin (for better absorption) if your diet is not perfect or if you feel you need a bit of a boost. Please try and steer clear of synthetic vitamins if possible.

2- Omega 3 fish oil (anti-inflammatory, heart, blood pressure, arthritis, skin, mental health, brain and eye development.) I also find that, if taken at night, these help me sleep better.The one I chose is not cheap but is one of the highest strength and purest form I could find .The smaller the fish it is derived from the better. One 5ml teaspoon a day is all you need.

3- Curcumin capsules (amazing anti-inflammatory and also great for arthritis or joint pain). I take one a day in the morning with breakfast.

4- Magnesium glycinate ( i stress ‘ glycinate’ as normal cheap magnesium tablets will have a laxative effect if taken at high doses) THIS IS MY BEST ADVICE FOR ANYONE SUFFERING from MILD ANXIETY AND MILD INSOMNIA. 400 mg before bedtime do the trick for me. Bear in mind these are not sleeping pills so please don’t expect miracles, but they did help me sleep better or at least deeper for longer.

There you have it, this is what I have now been taking for several months with good results, again what works for me might not work for you but it’s food for thought. I am going to link down below the exact products I am using, but feel free to research and explore and look for alternatives.










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