Make Up Revolution vs Charlotte Tilbury concealer



a quick one today. I decided to try both the Makeup Revolution conceal and define and the Charlotte Tilbury The retoucher and see which one I liked the most.( Shape and define retails for £4 and is available at Superdrug, The Retoucher for £25 and is available on line and at most Department stores in the U.K)bf

I applied them a few hours ago to give them time to settle and I did not use any powder to set them as powder on my skin tends to accentuate my line!

I  am wearing the Makeup revolution on the right side and The Retoucher on the left side.

IMPRESSIONS:  Shape and Define offers better coverage but dries quicker and I found it a little harder to blend. The retoucher is way creamier but provides a minimum amount of coverage.In terms of settling into fine lines, they both do a pretty good job.As far as the eye area is concerned I think the texture of The Retoucher is more suited as it blends like a dream. As an overall concealer and spot treatment Shape and Define wins hand down since the coverage is great without ever being cakey.When it comes to longevity, again, Shape and Define wins in my eyes.

CONCLUSION:  If you are looking for a great coverage concealer that is pocket-friendly and super versatile then Shape and Define is for you.If the eye area is your main concern and you prefer creamy, hydrating textures with a slight sheen to it then The Retoucher is your friend.


Charlotte Tilbury on my left side



Shape and Define
The Retoucher
Shape and Define





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