Vitamin C : friend or foe?



Vitamin c galore



Hello beautiful people,

I have been silent for a couple of weeks testing a few Vitamin C products which I am now happy to share with you.

First things first, though: Vitamin C ( mostly in its ascorbic acid form) is definitely a friend when it comes to skincare, and its benefits are several:

1- a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals

2-can help to reduce pigmentation and scarring

3-helps to give skin luminosity and radiance

4-boosts collagen production

5- helps shield from pollution ( Hello Londoners…….)

Now it all sounds so amazing and it is ,partly : Ascorbic Acid in its raw form is very difficult to stabilise and mixing it with water most likely renders it ineffective( I am sure most of you have, in the past, bought a vitamin c serum and realised after two weeks of opening that it had turned orange, hence oxidised and pretty much ineffective). It’s also very sensitive to light so you must always ensure your vitamin c products are packaged in a dark bottle and ideally with an airless pump to keep it stable. In my own personal experience, I found vitamin c percentage  from 10% and over to be effective at improving overall skin texture and the one I have tried recently are :

Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-day system pure vitamin c

Lixir skin Vitamin c paste

The Ordinary 100 percent vitamin c powder

Let’s start with Clinique: this is a one month course which retails for £58  and includes 4 little bottles. Each week you open one, press the seal to release the vitamin c in the stable solution, mix it and have to use it within 10 days.T his is a great way to always get a pure and active dose of 10 percent vitamin c. the serum itself is lightweight and you are advised to add a couple of pumps to your existing moisturizer and use it twice a day. I absolutely loved this product, within a week my skin was already looking brighter and my pores smaller so it gets the thumbs up from me.



The second product is a little unusual and it comes from a brand which I stumbled upon watching youtube reviews: Lixir skincare.

lixir skincare
Onto the last product: The Ordinary 100 percent pure vitamin c powder. This little tub contains a finely milled pure ascorbic acid powder that you are meant to mix with a product of choice and then apply on the face. It is ridiculously cheap, around £6. The problem I had with this is the application, the powder doesn’t really dissolve when mixed but actually creates lump making for a very uneven and difficult application. Also, it does sting a bit being such a powerful strength. With this one I am on the fence, it is good in theory but not very practical so I am going to give it the thumbs down, as I didn’t like the stinging and the mess you make in order to apply it.
The ordinary
I hope I answered some of your questions and I hope you found this piece about vitamin c interesting. Let me know if there are any other vitamin c products you love.

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